St. Gabriel's Catholic Primary School

Attendance/Leave of absence information


Please take time to read this notice following changes to the Code of Conduct for Penalty
Notices which came into effect on the 23rd February 2015

Penalty notices may be considered appropriate if one of the following criteria is met:-

  • There are at least 20 sessions (10 school days) lost due to unauthorised absence during
    the current and previous term. These absences do not need to be consecutive
  • For unauthorised leave of absence (holidays) there must be a minimum of 2 sessions of unauthorised leave of absence (due to unauthorised leave in term time or being absent for longer than was agreed) within the total of 10 sessions (5 school days) of unauthorised absence required prior to issuing the penalty notice. These unauthorised absences do not need to be consecutive and should be calculated from the previous rolling calendar year.
  • Persistent late arrival at school, i.e. after the register closed, in the current and previous term. “Persistent” means at least 20 sessions of late arrival. These late episodes do not need to be consecutive.
  • The presence of an excluded child in a public place at any time during school hours in that child’s first five days of exclusion. An “excluded child” is one who has been excluded from school for a given period under the Education and Inspections Act 2006.
  • A Penalty Notice will not be issued in respect of children in the care of the Local Authority whom other interventions will be used.

A child’s attendance no longer has to be less than 87% before a Penalty Notice can be issued.

Parents’ can now receive more than one Penalty Notice per academic year.

Please note that any fine of £60 applies per parent, per child, in cases of unauthorised leave of absence both parents or carers will be fined regardless of which one applied for the leave.

Please note that the above is in accordance with the new protocols for the Code of Conduct for Penalty Notices which came into effect on the 23rd February 2015.

The designated officers within Targeted Services Local Support Teams will be the only individuals permitted to issue Penalty Notices in the Staffordshire area. This will ensure consistent and equitable delivery, avoid duplication of issue, to allow schools to maintain good relationships with parents and ensure that they reinforce other enforcement sanctions.

Leaves of Absences/Exceptional Circumstances Requests

Please note that ALL upcoming requests must be submitted as soon as possible, in advance and ideally at least 3 working weeks in advance. The correct forms are available from the school office or you may access a copy by clicking on the link below. Thank you.

Leave of Absence Request Form – please click here