St. Gabriel's Catholic Primary School

Governing Body

Former Chair of Governors Ann Long and current Chair of Governors Lisa Smith

17th October 2014


Dear Parents and Carers,

I would like to introduce myself to you as the newly elected Chair of Governors - succeeding the wonderful Ann Long who so sadly passed away in July.

Ann and I worked together on a number of Governor-related initiatives and my aim is to continue her great work and, in her memory, do what is best for St. Gabriel's at all times.

This is my fifth year as a Governor of a school that has always been close to my heart – initially as a Parent Governor, then a Foundation Governor before being elected vice-Chair of Governors last year. My own two boys spent many happy and successful years here and I've seen at first-hand how devoted and caring the members of staff are. I firmly believe that the spiritual journey that the children take here equips them for life beyond the gates of St. Gabriel's.

Here at St. Gabriel's, Governors, staff, parents, carers and children work together as a team, building on success, in an atmosphere of care where everyone feels valued. We are very proud of the high standards our pupils have achieved and continue to achieve.

There are a lot of changes in education at the moment that we all need to understand – this includes a new national curriculum which is being introduced to pupils this term. It’s a challenge, but, if we work together, it’s one we can rise to and make St. Gabriel's the hugely successful school I know it can be.

As Governors we are involved with a variety of issues including finance, building maintenance and staff appointments. However, without a doubt, our most important roles are to monitor the welfare and safety of the children as well as their progression and attainment.

We are justifiably proud of the children in our school and I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all the parents and carers who encourage and support them so admirably.

In a good school, such as ours, parents take a great interest in their child’s learning. During the early years of primary education academic, personal, social and creative skills are nurtured and developed. The strong partnership, which already exists between school and community, underpins the ethos, which is so characteristic of St. Gabriel's Catholic Primary School.

Governors are appointed to ensure that objectives are met and that planning for the future is both visionary and realistic. We are here to support and encourage the Headteacher and all school staff so that children have access to an enriched education and the opportunities they deserve.

I am available to parents and carers for any matter relating to the school (you can contact me via the school office). Parents and Governors have key roles in helping the school to maintain high standards for all our children both now, and for future generations.

With my best wishes,

Lisa Smith

Chair of Governors


Members of our Governing Body

There are fourteen Governors in total. Eight are appointed by the Diocese – these are called Foundation Governors. Two Governors are appointed by parents, one by staff. One Governor is appointed by the Local Education Authority. The Co-opted Governor is appointed by the Governing Body. The Headteacher, Mr Hayes, is also a Governor.

Foundation Governors

  • Mrs Lisa Smith - Chair of Governors
  • Mrs Theresa Miller - Vice Chair of Governors
  • Fr. Michael White
  • Mrs Geraldine Bernstein
  • Mr Michael Beggan
  • Mr Stephen Pursglove
  • vacancy
  • vacancy

Elected Parent Governors

  • Ms Mairead Hitchings
  • one vacancy

Nominated LA Governors

  • Mr Rob Vernon

Elected Staff Governors

  • Mrs Julia Hale (Co-Opted)
  • Miss Kelly Gamon

Associate Members

  • Mr Will Bright 


  • Mr John Hayes

Clerk to the Governors

  • Mrs Helen Deegan 


How to Contact the Governing Body

Governors may be contacted via the Clerk to the Governors, c/o St Gabriel's Catholic Primary School, Wilnecote Lane, Tamworth, Staffordshire B77 2LF

alternatively via email:

The role of the Governing Body:

  • set the vision and strategic direction of school
  • hold the headteacher to account for its educational performance
  • ensure financial resources are well spent

In addition, Governors do the following;

- Help to shape the vision and direction of the school

- Have a good understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the school.

- Support and challenge the Senior Leadership team.

- Hold the school to account for the educational standards it achieves and thequality of education it provides.

- Ensure that the school fulfill its statutory duties and the duties determined by diocese.

- Monitor, review and develop plans and policies for effective school improvement.

- Look at ways to improve and enhance the skills of the Governor Body by identifying areas to improve and accessing the required training.

How does it work?

To fulfil all of our roles and responsibilities, the Governing Body delegates the work to groups of Governors. The whole Governing Body meets five times a year to discuss what is happening at school and plan strategically for the future. In order to ensure all the tasks get the time and attention they deserve, the Governing Body has set up a number of committees. These committees share the work to cover the responsibilities and help develop a good understanding of the school, support its work and hold it accountable.

At St. Gabriel's we have three main committees which meet termly or half termly. They are Finance and Buildings, Standards and Curriculum and Health, Safety and Well-Being.

There are also a number of smaller committees and working parties responsible for single issues such as Admissions,Discipline, Appeals, Performance Management and Staffing

In addition to serving on one or more committees, Governors are also linked to a particular subject area within the curriculum and visit school to help ensure this subject is being delivered and developed within the school.



The Finance and Buildings Committee

This committee is responsible for monitoring, reviewing and advising the schools' full Governing Body on all aspects of finance and buildings.

Some duties include:

  • Preparing a draft budget based on the priorities in the school development plan
  • Monitoring the budget throughout the year
  • Establishing and monitoring appropriate policies and procedures for sound budgetary control, based on the Financial Regulations drawn up by Staffordshire County Council
  • Arranging regular inspections of the premises to identify essential maintenance work
  • Recommending to the Governing Body an ongoing programme of repairs and maintenance

The Standards and Curriculum Committee

This committee is responsible for monitoring, reviewing and advising the schools' full Governing Body on all aspects of teaching and learning, within the scope of the National Curriculum and Religious Education of the school as directed by the Diocesan Education Service.

It helps to ensure that every child attending St. Gabriel's School is;

- Taught to the highest standards

- Has equal access to the National Curriculum

- Has equal access to the religious life of the school

Some of the aims of this committee are:

  • To ensure that the whole school curriculum is: broad and balanced, relevant to the needs of all children, provides continuity and progression, adequately resourced
  • To promote extra-curricular / enrichment activities
  • To ensure that statutory targets for pupil achievements are set and published as required
  • To monitor the spending of Pupil Premium funding and the impact on progress and attainment of those pupils involved
  • To ensure that the National Curriculum is delivered and its assessment procedures are carried out in line with the legal framework and Ofsted requirements
  • To celebrate children's achievements

The Health, Safety and Well-being Committee

This committee is responsible for monitoring, reviewing and advising the school's full Governing Body on all aspects of Health, Safety and Well-being at the school.

It's duties include:

  • Liaising with the Local Authority to ensure compliance with legal and local requirements
  • Reviewing the Health and Safety Policy annually and updating as necessary
  • Setting Health and Safety targets to improve performance
  • Ensuring the audit of Health and Safety takes place and that action plans are drawn up
  • Promoting a positive attitude towards Health and Safety within the school community