St. Gabriel's Catholic Primary School

10th May 2018

10th May 2018


Volume 9 Number 30      


Dear Parents


Arts Award Moderation 

This Friday, 11 of our year 6 children along with some other children from a local community group, will have their Bronze Arts Award moderated by an external examiner.  These nationally recognised awards are accredited by Trinity College, London and are usually taken by 11-16 year olds.  We are fortunate to be one of very few local centres able to provide the Arts Award.  We thank Mrs Brown for enabling the children to participate as, without her hard work in her own time, we would not be able to offer the opportunity.


KS2 SATS – Y6 Tests – Monday 14th May to Thursday 17th May inclusive

All year 6 children nationally are required to take these tests in each of the 4 days.  The tests take place during set times on each morning.  The children are encouraged to come to school earlier and have breakfast or an extra drink/piece of toast in school with Year 6 staff.  Please make sure your child is in school early and ready to do their best.


Sleep Routines and Patterns

It is particularly important in the run up to tests and exams that children get proper rest.  This applies to our current year 6, but actually is the case for all children.  The difference between a child who has had proper rest and a tired child is clear to be seen.  The ability to focus, think clearly and concentrate is greatly improved in a child who has had a good night’s sleep.  For year 6, please ensure that your child has a proper pattern of going to bed by 8.30pm and being settled by 9pm at the latest.  Please encourage and demand this of your children however you can.  Ensuring your child gets into a pattern of quality rest over a number of days and weeks will make a difference.  Thank you.


Change to dinner menu Thursday 17th May and Friday 18th May  

Thursday 17th May – Fish Fingers and Chips, Chocolate Brownie or Lemon Drizzle.  Friday 18th May – Margherita Pizza, Macaroni Cheese or Jacket Potatoes, Sponge and Custard.  There will be a small number of portions of fish available – please let the office know in advance if your child requires fish so that we can confirm numbers with the cook.  Thank you.


First Holy Communion  

Thanks to those parents and carers who attended the meeting with Fr. Michael on Tuesday 1st May.  Please follow the advice on your separate letter regarding arrangements for both Masses.  Most importantly please ensure we create a spiritual atmosphere in the Sacred Heart Church with respect for a quiet, calm environment.  Please speak to ALL family members about this.  Thank you.


Tag Rugby Tournament  

Children in year 6 competed in a Tag rugby competition last week at Tamworth Rugby Club.  The team played very well, working really hard and supported each other.  Although we did not manage to qualify out of the group stage, the children should be very proud of how they all played well as a team.  Many thanks to Mrs Townsley and Mrs Quinn for transporting the children to the event.  The team was: Caitlin (C),

Ryan (C), Zak, Isabella, McKenzie, Bradley, Lily, Jarlaith, Dylan, Ronnie and Sienna.


Attendance - As has been mentioned previously, guidance from Staffordshire County Council around attendance issues has been updated.  We sent a letter from the County Council on 6/10/2017 and again on 20/12/2017.  Our governing board met in December 2017 and adapted our updated Attendance Policy.  This can be found at: - Our School - Policies - Attendance Policy 2017-18
Please take note of the key information and updated changes in the guidance and the published policy.  In particular, I point out that:

IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES WHERE YOU INTEND OR PLAN TO TAKE YOUR CHILD OUT OF SCHOOL, YOU HAVE A LEGAL DUTY TO LET US KNOW.  In every instance, you are encouraged to GIVE AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE WHERE NOTIFICATION OF ABSENCE OR EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES ARE BEING EXPLAINED.   We continue to thank the very large majority of our parents who ensure that their children are in school, on time for each and every day establishing good habits and attitudes for future schools and the world of work and beyond.  Thank you.   


Pentecost Concert 2018, Gifts of the Spirit – Saturday 19th May - Fr. Michael has arranged for the Sacred Heart to host a concert of spiritual music on this date, to mark the festival of Pentecost.  Dan Callow and Emily Clark of OneLife Music, along with their wonderful band and a small number of the members of St. Gabriel’s choir will be hosting a Pentecostal Concert on Saturday 19th May 2018 at Sacred Heart Church at 7pm with the objective of giving thanks for the Holy Spirit’s gifts so that we too may spread the Good News.  A small number of children will also be attending from St. Elizabeth’s, St. Peter & Paul’s and St. Joseph’s Lichfield. Tickets for the concert are £7 for adults and £5 for children. We have 20 tickets available from the school office and first refusal will be given to those parents of children directly involved however tickets will also be for sale from Fr. Michael as well as the OneLifeMusic website Please support this fantastic night of incredible music and celebration of Pentecost! Thank you. Mrs Townsley




CHILDREN IN YEAR 6 must be in school each of these mornings to take the national tests

Mon 14th May           -    KS2 SATS – Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Test


Tues 15th May          -    KS2 SATS – Reading Test

Weds 16th May        -    Maths Tests 1 & 2

Thurs 17th May        -    Maths Test 3

Sat 19th May           -    First Holy Communion Masses 10.00am Miss Connolly, 12 Noon Mrs Minton

Fri 25th May            -    School closes for half term 3.20pm

Mon 4th June            -    School re opens for staff and pupils 9.00am

Weds 6th June       -    Confirmation at Sacred Heart 7pm

Fri 8th June              -    Tempest individual/sibling photographs

Mon 25th June          -    INSET DAY – school closed to pupils

Fri 29th June            -    Ladies Night – further information to follow

Sat 7th July             -    Summer Fayre – further information to follow       

Tues 10th July          -    Music Night – further information to follow


God Bless                                                         


Yours sincerely



John P Hayes