St. Gabriel's Catholic Primary School

11th April 2019

11th April 2019


Volume 10 Number 28


Dear Parents


Mass for end of term – tomorrow Friday 12th April at 9.15am

Year 5 will lead us in celebrating Holy Mass in school tomorrow.  Fr. Michael looks forward to welcoming any parents and carers able to attend.



There are a small number of children arriving at school or being dropped off and left unsupervised, near the school entrance or on the playgrounds, well before 9.00am. 

Parents are AGAIN reminded, teachers in school are not available to supervise children before 9.00am.  Children must be under parent or carer supervision before this time. 

Please do not allow smaller children to stamp and knock over daffodils growing in the grassy areas at the front of the school. 


Stations of the Cross and Holy Week Services

The Stations of the Cross are a prayer and when we pray them, we join Jesus in his final hours on earth, as he carries his cross to the place where he is put to death.

On Wednesday 10th April, to end our celebration in school for the season of Lent, KS2 pupils led their own, poignant Stations of the Cross service helping us to meditate on each dramatised scene and praying to God to help us see more clearly what he might be calling us to do in our lives. 

KS1 pupils also led a prayerful and beautiful Holy Week service remembering Jesus’ final week on earth. All the children eagerly took part by dramatising and reading parts of the story. It has helped the children to understand the sequence of events throughout the week. Mrs Townsley.


Parents in Prayer for Lent

Thanks to Deacon Bob and Mrs Fahy who ran this opportunity for parents and carers over the past few weeks.  Well done to those who came along.


Holy Week

The most important week of the Church year starts this weekend with Palm Sunday.  The week builds to remembering the Last Supper on Thursday, the death of Christ on Good Friday and his resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Have you looked at the parish website recently ?

It is an excellent way to keep up to date with what is going on in your parish.  Think about getting involved next week.  If you weren’t intending to, go along to some of the services.  Key events for the week ahead are listed and separate Easter cards have come home.  Fr. Michael and the parish team would be delighted to see you.


Voluntary Contributions to Governors Fund

This contribution has been previously referred to.  It is the governing board’s only source of income.  They have to find 10% of any capital project or capital resource purchased for the school.  The governing board currently suggest an amount of £50 per family, per year.  THIS IS CONSIDERABLY LESS THAN A NUMBER OF LOCAL SCHOOLS.  Currently 61 families make a contribution.  Many of these are broken down into a monthly contribution of a few pounds per month.  We have 303 families in the school.

THE GOVERNING BOARD ASK ALL PARENTS TO CONSIDER IF THEY CAN MAKE THIS CONTRIBUTION AND TO ACTION IT.  Grateful thanks to those families who do contribute and to some families who find themselves able to pay more and to families who make a smaller contribution.


Felicity and Bella’s fundraising day last Friday

A huge well done to Felicity B and Isabella M in 6ST who managed to raise a whopping £1020.65 for Cancer Research and the British Heart Foundation in loving memory of Mr Chris Booth, Felicity and Pippa’s dad. The girls worked really hard at their exhausting, 25-minute, sponsored skip and subsequently in collecting and counting the money. The whole school is really proud of them. Thank you to everyone who contributed so generously and supported Fliss and Bella in their efforts. 


Fr. Hudson's Collection Boxes 

We are still collecting in the Fr. Hudson's Lenten boxes. Please have a look at home if you have one with your spare change in and send it into school.  Many thanks. Mrs Townsley.

Harold Bretherton Cup

Boys in year 6 competed in a tournament yesterday evening at Coton Green Football Club.  There were 16 schools in total taking part in a 7-a-side annual  football competition.  The team played very well in the group stages winning each game 1-0 and finished first in their group.  During a tense fought semi-final, they won on penalties and faced Coton Green in the final.  Although the team lost 3-0, they played incredibly well and should be very proud of finishing runners up.  They all did their very best and displayed great team spirit supporting and encouraging each other.  Many thanks to Mrs Bracher for helping transport the children to the event and a big thank you to Mrs Cunningham and her son, for coaching the children at the event.  The team was: Tom Q (c), Jacob S, Oliver B, Riley B, Ethan W, Will P and Reiss P.  Many thanks to Mr Fowler for organising. 



Please continue to park carefully and with consideration in the roads around school.

If late for whatever reason, do not double park or park illegally on yellow lines.  Do not park in front of the school gates.  Do not park on the grass area or across footpaths at the top of the drive.

We rely on you CONSENTING to follow these rules.  These rules are there to protect our children and families and to keep all people on foot safe.  Follow the rules whatever the circumstances you find yourself in, morning or afternoon.

We have recently had 2 reports from local neighbours of verbal threats to their property by parents, with children in school uniform.  Both incidents happened by the garages in Medway, local police are investigating.  We have also had parking with total lack of responsibility reported on the by road set back from Wilnecote Lane.  You are also asked not to park in or block the entrance to Seaton Hire.  Please set a good example for your children.

Be advised that local councillors and county councillors are now involved.  Extra police and PCSO presence will take place and police action will happen where needed.

Please also be aware that motorised quad bikes or motorcycles are not supposed to make use of the cycle path.  One of our families had a near miss yesterday, when a motorbike passed them at speed.  Thankfully no one was hit or injured.

Always report motorbikes or quad bikes on the cycle path to the local PCSOs or police as this is extremely dangerous behaviour.  Thank you.



Fri 12th April     Whole School Mass – 9.15am

                         End of term, school closes at 3.20pm

Mon 29th April   School re-opens to Children and staff


A happy and healthy Easter for everyone.

Lord, help me to remember that I am not always right.  I might sometimes be wrong, I might have made some mistakes.  Amen.

“It is not good when we look down on others like heartless judges, lording it over them and always trying to teach them lessons.  That is itself a subtle form of violence.”  POPE FRANCIS


God Bless.


Yours sincerely


John P Hayes