St. Gabriel's Catholic Primary School

13th July 2017

13th July 2017




                                                                                                                                          Volume 8 Number 38

Dear Parents


Reports - Your child’s end of year report is coming home tomorrow. This is an important document that needs to be opened and read carefully at the appropriate time, in the correct place.  Reports should be opened at home and not on the road outside school.  Any parent/carer needing to discuss a report with the class teacher should contact the school office to arrange an appointment at a mutually convenient time.  Thank you.


Pre School building work – starts 17th July - Please be reminded that building work is due to commence next week, from Monday 17th July.  Where health and safety directions are given please follow them.  Thank you.


Meet the Teacher - next class teacher – Tuesday 18th July 4.00pm-5.50pm - This opportunity has worked well over the past few years.  Teachers in each class will have a range of work and activities on display to showcase opportunities for the year to come.  It is also a good chance to introduce yourself.  There is no appointment necessary.


St. Francis of Assisi – New intake meeting – Monday 17th July 7.00pm-9.00pm - Please be advised that this evening starts with a uniform sale from 6.00pm.


Mary’s Meals - A letter was sent out last week regarding this project.  The key dates for returning backpacks and the items to be included such as notepads, pens, pencils, crayons, erasers etc. are Thursday 20th and Friday 21st July.  All donations will be collected by the Rotary Club on Friday 21st July.


Flu Immunisation Programme 2017/2018 - Parents and carers of children in Reception, Year 1, 2 and 3 should have received an information leaflet and consent letter for the Flu Immunisation Programme.  Please return consent forms to school by Tuesday 18th July.  Thank you


Summer Fayre - Belated thanks to Mrs Barker for all her work behind the scenes in organising the running of the Summer Fayre.


Sports Day Cancellations - Unfortunately we had to cancel today’s Sports Days because of ground conditions.  The heavy rain of Tuesday, into Tuesday night and Wednesday morning saw a substantial fall of rain.  The field was left soft, wet and slippy in places and by Wednesday afternoon this was still the case.  This is only the second time in my time as Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher here since 2000, that we have been unable to hold this event.  It is not possible to hold the event as there is no available date left where the key teachers are free to organise because of Year 6 transition meetings, school visits, agency meetings, review conferences and preparations for the end of the year, or other year group commitments already

arranged.  Sadly we cannot predict and control the weather or ground conditions. 

Thank you in anticipation of your understanding.


Year 2 Calke Abbey Trip - Well done to all of our Year 2 children whose behaviour on Tuesday's trip was exemplary.  Many people, both National Trust volunteers and members of the public alike, commented on the children's superb behaviour and wonderful manners. Well done Year 2, you made us very proud!


Snapchat - As we have stated in previous newsletters, we have warned that children under the age of thirteen should not be using certain photo sharing apps such as Snapchat.  As a school we consider sites such as these (including facebook) dangerous and that children should not be exposed until they are much older.  In regards to Snapchat, there is now a new feature ‘SnapMap’ where users can locate friends and other users via the GPS built into the mobile device.  The map shows the GPS location of all your snapchat friends, as long as they have allowed this to take place.  The feature is ON by default, and can be turned off by selecting Ghost Mode from the settings (click the settings cog icon), or restricted by ticking Friends Only and/or selecting a 'whitelist' of friends in that same screen.  If you as a user allow map access, then every time you open the app, your location is updated for a period of 8 hours, at which point it is removed.  If you leave the app open and are moving, then the map displays you as moving. This is potentially dangerous for the safety of our children, if other persons have access to their whereabouts. Underneath is a link which details how to turn off this option on your child’s phone and also other preventions you may wish to take. As a school we would always recommend that children under the age of 13 should not be using these types of apps.


School Funding Cuts - Please be aware of the reality of this.  Do not be persuaded that these are not real.  They are.  We are facing into the largest real cuts for over a generation.  As per my previous letter dated 16th February 2017 the school faces an estimated cut of 105 thousand pounds by 2019/2020.  Please help us by writing to your re-elected MP, Chris Pincher, and raising your concern or worry about all schools needing to be adequately funded.  We as a school had a Learning Support Assistant move on to promotion last year and were not able to replace her.  This is the shape of things to come.  It is not good enough.  The government claim that funding has never been higher.  This is true but only because the number of children in schools is the highest it has ever been.  We need any and as many parents as possible to voice your concerns to Mr Pincher, your local representative.  Thank you to those of you who have now made your views known to local Tamworth politicians and/or have raised your concerns.



Tuesday 18th July               -    Parents Evening – meet new teacher 4pm-6pm (last appointment 5.50pm)

Monday 24th July                -    Year 6 Leavers Assembly 9.15am

                                           -    Year 6 Leavers Activities 3.30pm-5.30pm

Tuesday 25th July               -    Whole School Mass for end of the school year 9.15am

                                           -    School closes at 3.20pm

Monday 4th September        -    INSET DAY 1 for Staff

Tuesday 5th September       -    School reopens to pupils 9.00am


God Bless

Yours sincerely



John P Hayes