St. Gabriel's Catholic Primary School

14th March 2019

14th March 2019
Volume 10 Number 24
Dear Parents
Funding – Finance – Money
Here I go again talking about money!!  This was almost a separate letter.  It feels very frustrating that I am not able to fully fund support for our pupils.
In the last 2 years, our governors have chosen not to replace 3 Learning Assistants who were retiring or moving on.  This was and is because of lack of funding.
We have cut and cut different parts of school life.  I find myself cleaning the school, moving dinner tables, washing and trying to support children and families with less and less available support.  This is due to the fact that I am not being given enough money to provide for our pupils.
Families need to know that efforts by my union, the NAHT, are falling on deaf ears.  The Ministers for Education are refusing to meet my union representatives.
I am currently working through preparation for a budget for the next financial year April 2019 to March 2020.  I am having to consider increasing class sizes, reducing specialist support, removing K2M music in year 3, swimming and the 2 day SEN role, amongst a long list of other considerations.  Our governors will meet on these next month.
It is and has become totally unacceptable that we are trying to do just the basics without proper levels of funding, despite what the government claims.
I am trying to find roughly £100,000 of savings, reductions and cuts from existing departments, just to balance our budget for the year to come.  School funding has reached a stage where it is a national disgrace.  I urge you to write to your MP, Mr Chris Pincher, at The White House, 93 Lichfield St, Tamworth B79 7QF or 
Tomorrow, Friday 15th March - CAFOD Family Fast Day – Non Uniform Day, bright clothes. 
Children are asked to bring a donation to support the work of one of our Lenten Charities, CAFOD – Catholic Agency for Overseas Development.
Year 3 Mass – Tomorrow, Friday 15th March
Year 3 will lead Holy Mass tomorrow morning for parents and carers.  Fr. Michael looks forward to seeing any of you who can come along from 9.15am.  
Lenten Prayer Group 
The parish team, led by Deacon Bob, are offering an opportunity for a prayer experience on Thursday mornings in school during Lent.  This is running each Thursday through Lent (21st and 28th March, 4th and 11th April).  This is a very simple time to pray, think and reflect for thirty minutes with music and readings to make you think.  Each session runs from 9.15am to 9.45am in the school hall and is open to everyone.  Be brave and come along – maybe make it something to try during Lent?  If you feel this is something you might try please mention it to me at the school gate.
Thanks to those who have attended the first few sessions, 5 brave parents came along.  Any parent/carer can still join at any point.  Thank you.
Please continue to park carefully and with consideration in the roads around school.
If late for whatever reason, do not double park or park illegally on yellow lines.  Do not park in front of the school gates.  Do not park on the grass area or across footpaths at the top of the drive.
We rely on you CONSENTING to follow these rules.  These rules are there to protect our children and families and to keep all people on foot safe.  Follow the rules whatever the circumstances you find yourself in, morning or afternoon.
We have recently had 2 reports from local neighbours of verbal threats to their property by parents, with children in school uniform.  Both incidents happened by the garages in Medway, local police are investigating.  We have also had parking with total lack of responsibility reported on the by road set back from Wilnecote Lane.  Please set a good example for your children. 
Be advised that local councillors and county councillors are now involved.  Extra police and PCSO presence will take place and police action will happen where needed. Thank you.
Supervision BEFORE school
Please be advised, again, that all children must be supervised by a responsible adult up until the school gates open at 9.00am in the morning.  Please do not allow your children to run around or to behave in a way that may lead to them being injured.  
Never drop your child off and leave before 9.00am, as they are your responsibility until the bell sounds at 9.00am.  Thank you.
World Book Day
Thank you to everyone that donated on world book day, either through our non uniform day or book sale.  We raised £305 for Book Aid International – thank you.
Reception and Year 6 Vista (Class Group) Photographs – Friday 22nd March
Tempest Photographers will be in school on Friday 22nd March.  This is for Reception and Year 6 class group Vista photos.  Thank you.
Fri 15th March CAFOD Family Fast Day – Non Uniform Day
Year 3 Mass 9.15am
Fri 22nd March Tempest Vista Photographs Reception and Y6
Sun 24th March Whole School Mass at Sacred Heart 9.00am
Fri 29th March Mother’s Day Sale – Children to bring a max of £3 to school
Tues 2nd April Day of prayer and adoration of Blessed Sacrament
Fri 5th April Chocolate Bingo 3.30pm
Fri 12th April End of term, school closes at 3.20pm
God Bless.
Yours sincerely
John P Hayes