St. Gabriel's Catholic Primary School

6th December 2018

6th December 2018


Volume 10 Number 13


Dear Parents


Christmas Fayre

Grateful thanks to everyone who helped in so many ways with the running of last Friday.

So many people came down early on Friday, through the morning and from early afternoon onwards.

Many people stayed on well past 5.30pm helping to clean, tidy and reorganise the school.  You are all too many to list, but we know who you are.  Thank you one and all.

Initial estimates are that a profit of approximately £2,700 has been made.  A tremendous effort.

As importantly, how lovely to see so many positive people wanting to do their bit for school.



Please continue to park carefully and with consideration in the roads around school.

If late for whatever reason, do not double park or park illegally on yellow lines.  Do not park in front of the school gates.

We rely on you CONSENTING to follow these rules.

These rules are there to protect our children and families and to keep all people on foot safe.  Follow the rules whatever the circumstances you find yourself in, morning or afternoon.  Thank you.


KS2 Carol Service - Thursday 13th December - Sacred Heart at 6.30pm

Children in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be involved in reminding us of the true meaning of Christmas next week.  In recent years this has become a particularly memorable experience for all who attend.  The atmosphere that has been created in church has been very spiritual.  It is important that we all recognise and respect the moments and times of silence needed.  They add to the atmosphere.  This is not a performance but a religious experience for us all.  We look forward to a great event.  Thanks to all the staff involved and to the children for their work in preparation.



Photography of events in school

NEVER take a picture of an aspect of school life going on in school without permission.  To do so and publish it on social media such as Facebook could be putting a child or family at risk.  There are a range of factors that can make it essential that a child’s picture must not be taken and NEVER PUBLISHED.

On occasions, school will allow the taking of photographs but this will always be for private use only at home.  Thank you.



As has been mentioned previously, guidance from Staffordshire County Council around attendance issues has been updated.  We sent a letter from the County Council on 6/10/2017 and again on 20/12/2017.  Our governing board met in December 2017 and adapted our updated Attendance Policy.  This can be found at: → Our School → Policies → Attendance Policy 2017-18
Please take note of the key information and updated changes in the guidance and the published policy.  In particular, I point out that:

IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES WHERE YOU INTEND OR PLAN TO TAKE YOUR CHILD OUT OF SCHOOL, YOU HAVE A LEGAL DUTY TO LET US KNOW.  In every instance, you are encouraged to GIVE AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE WHERE NOTIFICATION OF ABSENCE OR EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES ARE BEING EXPLAINED.   We continue to thank the very large majority of our parents who ensure that their children are in school, on time for each and every day establishing good habits and attitudes for future schools and the world of work and beyond.  Thank you.   


Winter Reading Challenge

The Winter Mini Reading Challenge launched on Saturday. 

Taking part is simple: all you have to do is read three books between Saturday 1 December 2018 and Friday 11 January 2019.  Once you’ve read a book, add it to your website profile and write a review to let everyone know what you thought.  Add 3 books (or more) to complete the Mini Challenge!  There’s a brand new Yeti certificate and an exclusive virtual badge for everyone who completes the Mini Challenge.

This is a great way of encouraging children to read over Christmas. 

For further information visit:


Christmas Dinner – Wednesday 19th December 

Christmas Dinner this year will be on Wednesday 19th December.  Please send in your reply/order form by Tuesday 11th December so that the cook can order the correct amount of food – if we do not receive a reply slip then we cannot guarantee a dinner.

If your child is in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 you do not need to pay as they are entitled to a universal free meal. 

If your child is in Years 3-6 and not entitled to free school meals then payment of £2.30 should be made via ParentPay, please choose the usual School Meals option.


Friday 21st December 1.30pm – Christmas Shopping Opportunity

The Friends of St. Gabriel’s will be putting on an opportunity for children to buy items left over from the Christmas Fayre, including shampoo, deodorants, perfume, scented items and soap.  Children can bring a maximum of £3 in for this on the day.  Thank you.


Contact Details

Please ensure all 1st and 2nd Priority Emergency Contact mobiles are fully charged and switched on during the school day so we can contact you in an emergency.

Please inform school if you mobile number changes.  It is vital that we retain up-to-date Emergency Contact details for all children.

We are now using Teachers2Parents email system in addition to the text service to communicate with you; again it is very important that we have your up-to-date mobile number and email address so that we may keep you informed.  We can only make contact if we have your up to date information.  Thank you.


Educational Visits and Trips

Following a meeting of the Finance, Buildings and Staffing Committee on Monday 3rd December, the governors write to confirm that from Thursday 6th December 2018:


  1. All contributions requested and made for trips are voluntary.
  2. A substantial number of voluntary contributions are always needed to allow a trip to go ahead.
  3. On occasions school reserve the right to cancel trips if not enough contributions are made.
  4. All voluntary contributions paid cannot be refunded (even if a child is sick or absent as the total voluntary contribution amount is used in the decision to confirm or cancel a trip).


Please see the Charging and Remissions Policy at



Weds 12th December      Y3 trip to The Derby Arena

Thurs 13th December     KS2 Carol Service @ Sacred Heart 6.30pm

Mon 17th December        Reception Nativity Play 2.00pm

Tues 18th December       Reception Nativity Play 10.00am

                                                      KS1 Carol Service @ Sacred Heart 6.30pm

Weds 19th December      Christmas Dinner

Fri 21st December           End of Term 3.20pm

Mon 7th January              School Re opens 9.00am

Fri 25th January              INSET DAY 3 – School closed to pupils.


Loving Lord,

As I start my Advent journey, let me take one tiny step closer to you each day.  In my actions, my words and my thoughts let me not lose sight of you, in these busy days ahead.



Yours sincerely


John P Hayes