St. Gabriel's Catholic Primary School

Online Safety Information


"As in any other area of life, children and young people are vulnerable and may expose themselves to danger - knowingly or unknowingly - when using the Internet and other digital technologies. Indeed, some young people may find themselves involved in activities which are inappropriate or possibly illegal."

"To ignore Online Safety issues when implementing the requirements of Every Child Matters could ultimately lead to significant gaps in child protection policies, leaving children and young people vulnerable." (Safeguarding Children in a Digital World. BECTA 2006)

Online Safety involves pupils, staff, Governors and parents making best use of technology, information, training and the Online Safety Policy to create and maintain a safe online and ICT environment for all at St Gabriel’s. Our aim is to equip the children with the knowledge and skills that will help keep them safe whilst using the Internet.

The children are encouraged to follow the SMART Rules:

S- Stay Safe

M- Don't Meet Up with people

A- Don't Accept any files you're not sure about

R- Remember, not all information on the Internet is Reliable.

T- Tell an adult when you're unsure about something.


For ”Get Safe Online” information and advice on safeguarding children and adults online please go to




Online Safety Information