St. Gabriel's Catholic Primary School

Year 2 Celebration of Work

15.11.2019 - Reading for Pleasure:  Traction Man

Traction Man has an outfit for every occasion and patrols the house saving toys, guarding toast or searching for lost wrecks. The children have enjoyed listening to the objects in the house come to life!

Ewan, "I like this book because Traction Man saves the day!"

Krystal, "I really like the book because of the lovely pictures."


Year 2 Black History month. We researched Nelson Mandela's life. Wrote facts about him. Created a human and written time line  and wrote questions we would liked to have asked him.




Year 2 have been learning all about Minibeasts and their habitats. We went on a hunt around and found lots of different Minibeasts living in all kinds of different places.

We found most of these tiny creatures hiding underneath trees and logs in dark, damp habitats to protect themselves. We had lots of fun!