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May is the Month of Mary

May is the Month of Mary 

May is a very special month for the Church as we remember Mary, the Mother of Jesus and Mother of us all.  The month has traditionally become a time to focus on the Rosary and Marian devotions.

A full month is given over to Mary and during this month we are asked to think about Mary, say special prayers, have May altars, and sing hymns to Mary to tell her how much we love her and to ask her to help us stay close to her son Jesus and to try to live as Jesus shows us. 

Here, we share some ideas of how we can honour the Blessed Virgin Mary in a special way and allow her to conquer our hearts.

Ways to celebrate Mary in the month of May:


Learn to say the Hail Mary in a different language each day! Have a look at the following website for links to the videos.







Create a May Altar at Home 


May Prayer Altar


Pray the Rosary


Follow the link to find a range of information about the Rosary including a video about how to pray the Rosary and facts about Mary.


Other activities: 


Write your own prayers of devotion to Mary.  

Draw a picture of Mary and place it in your window. 

Have a family May procession in your garden. 

Say the Rosary together as a family. 

Make your own Rosary beads or create an outdoor Rosary with nature. 

Look at stories of Mary in the Bible. Choose your favourite one and retell it in words and pictures. 

In many countries, there are special places where people visit to pray to Mary. 

Find out about:                                                                                                                                       

Our Lady of Knock, Ireland 

Our Lady of Lourdes, France 

Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal