St. Gabriel's Catholic Primary School

PE and Sports provision


Children are introduced to different forms of physical activity such as running, jumping, catching and throwing. They also learn to move their bodies to music and learn dance moves and sequences.


The experience gained in Reception is built on as children in year one are introduced to more cardio vascular activities to improve their fitness levels. They experience team games such as football and athletics and have more awareness of how to keep fit.

Year 3-4

Children have a broader experience of different team activities and games such as netball, hockey and gymnastics. There is a bigger emphasis on children training and developing their fitness through cardio-vascular activities such as drills and shuttle runs. Children have more opportunities to compete against each in team and individual sporting activities such as swimming and athletics.

Year 5-6

Children are taught a broader range of skills to further develop their experience. Running, throwing, catching and communication are emphasised through circuit training and team games. Children have many sporting opportunities in and out of school such as athletics, swimming, football, cricket, cross country and rugby. The children are given opportunities to develop strength, flexibility and control by applying skills in different sports. They seek to improve their personal best by constantly evaluating their performances.

KS2 – All KS2 children undergo fitness tests throughout the school year through drills which measure and evaluate their performances. Children are given fitness programmes to follow which can be used during PE lessons and school play/lunch times. The drills focus on overall fitness and seek to promote fitness and healthy lifestyles.

Football Club

Children in year 5 and 6 can try out for the school football team. The club runs every Monday and Wednesday lunch time and children are taught how to compete as a team and build on skills already learnt in curriculum sessions.

Monday – Boys football club

Wednesday – Girls football club

Athletics Club

There are two athletics club throughout the year. In the autumn year 5/6 children participate in an indoor athletics club afterschool which leads to a Tamworth competition in November.

During the summer term children from KS2 can participate in an athletics club afterschool which practices outdoor athletics events.

Cricket Club

This club runs from the spring into the summer term where children from upper key stage two can learn the game of ‘Kwik Cricket’ and take part in a tournament organised by the Birmingham Catholic Schools Partnership.

TAG Rugby Club

Boys and girls can take part in afterschool club learning the skills needed to play TAG rugby. This is a non-contact version of rugby and leads to a Tournament in April-May.

Cross Country

Children can participate in a lunch time club to practice their running skills. The children run varying distances around the school field. They are trained to build their stamina and fitness by beating their own running times.