St. Gabriel's Catholic Primary School


Our principles of good learning in Science


Science in our school is good when:

  • All year groups experience regular science lessons that make the most of the school’s science curriculum.
  • Children and teachers are able to access and use a range of appropriate resources safely.
  • Children are engaged in fun, interactive science lessons.
  • Children are inspired to show their own curiosity of the world around them and explore this, through scientific enquiry based approaches and questioning.
  • All children are engaged in practical investigations that develop curiosity and inquisitive minds.
  • Knowledge is gained by the pupils and they are keen to find out more.
  • Staff subject knowledge is secure and teachers feel confident to teach Science.
  • There is a clear progression of transferable science skills taught.
  • The school’s science assessment system supports progress in Science.


Earth Hour 2018 Poster

Earth Hour 2018

WWF Earth Hour 2018 Schools Presentation

Big Battery Hunt 2018 Information

Big Battery Hunt 2018

Good Scientists Year 1

Our Visit to the Space Centre Year 5