Congratulations to our fantastic Readers of the Week: Zach RHK, Issac RJC, Penny 1KG, Liberty 1NH, Elena 2JH, Milania 2NT, Natan 3CC, Piotr 3LH, Lucy 4HA, Chloe 4HB, Corey 5AC, Ruby 5SG, Ted 6BF, Jamie 6ST.



Multi-cultural Week

We have really enjoyed learning about Judaism in our multicultural week. Some of our favourite facts we learned were:

  • Jewish people worship in a holy building called a synagogue.
  • During the holy day of Shabbat, Jewish people light candles and eat special bread called Challah.
  • Shabbat begins at sunset on Friday evening and finishes on Saturday evening.
  • A mezuzah is a little box containing a tiny scroll which is fixed to doors of the house to remind them that God is everywhere.
  • The writing on the scroll is from the Bible and it is written in Hebrew.
  • Jewish people celebrate a festival called Hanukkah. It lasts for 8 days.
  • A menorah is a seven branched candle.
  • The ark in the synagogue is a special cupboard where the Torah scrolls are kept.
  • You must use a yad, which is a special pointing stick to touch the pages rather than with your hands.


Collective Worship

Year 2 celebrated a collective worship in our blossoming prayer garden and ended it by looking after God’s creation. We watered the plants and checked their growth and health.

Visit from Bodhi

Year 2 had a lovely end of term treat and were visited by Bodhi, our school’s therapy dog. We absolutely loved all the cuddles and he made us all very happy. We can’t wait to see him again.


As part of our Easter unit, we read the story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus and learned that the apostles did not recognise the Risen Jesus. We then studied the art of pointillism and recreated a Mosaic that is featured in the nave of the church Sant'Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna, Italy.

What do you think of our paintings?