Congratulations to our fantastic Readers of the Week: Zach RHK, Issac RJC, Penny 1KG, Liberty 1NH, Elena 2JH, Milania 2NT, Natan 3CC, Piotr 3LH, Lucy 4HA, Chloe 4HB, Corey 5AC, Ruby 5SG, Ted 6BF, Jamie 6ST.



This week’s Star of the week: Danielle Snow

 This week’s Reader of the week: Rhys Brown

News from our class:

We are really excited to invite parents in for our class mass on Friday 20th May. As part of the mass we will recite our Y5 prayer, The Magnificat, which we have been practising every day in class.

We are extremely proud of our work that is on display in the hall. It explains the journey from Easter to Pentecost and Mr Bright came to give us a special thank you for doing it as he said it is the most impressive he has ever seen.

We continue work on our STEM challenge and feel ready to come up with some designs and pitches ready for when the team come back in at the end of term to see how we are getting on.

We have started Miss Cunningham’s favourite topic, ‘Off with her Head!’ where we explore the relationship between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. In our writing we completed biographies about the historical figures and have written persuasive letters to Pope Clement VII asking for a divorce from Catherine of Aragon. As part of music, we are learning a song to help us remember each of Henry’s wives and each of their fates.