Congratulations to our fantastic Readers of the Week: Zach RHK, Issac RJC, Penny 1KG, Liberty 1NH, Elena 2JH, Milania 2NT, Natan 3CC, Piotr 3LH, Lucy 4HA, Chloe 4HB, Corey 5AC, Ruby 5SG, Ted 6BF, Jamie 6ST.



Stars of the week

  • Oskar
  • Lily

Reader of the week

  • Eleanor

Class News

English – We having been writing an explanation about ‘How to Catch a Tear Thief’. We have been trying hard to use modal verbs, parenthesis and relative clauses in our writing.

Maths – We have been subtracting fractions

Science – In Science we have been looking at different animals and their gestation periods and then looking at data about life expectancy. We have drawn graphs and analysed the information.

RE – Lent – We learnt about the temptation of Jesus and how some of our actions are wrong and can hurt others.

Great Work

The children painted some sunflowers to help us remember people in Ukraine.

Class Book -  The Nowhere Emporium.

This week we have found out some of the characters in the story. Lucian Silver is the owner of the Emporium, which we now know time travellers to different countries and years. There are also wonders in the Emporium to do with people’s imagination, which Daniel will find out about as he is going to stay and travel with Lucian Silver. Vindictus Sharpe is a strange mysterious character, who knew Mr Silver when he was younger.