Congratulations to our fantastic Readers of the Week: Sebastian RHK, Olaf RJC, Loki 1KG, Natalia 1NH, Lauren 2JH, Theo 2NT, Elizabeth 3CC, Dollie 3LH, Adam 4HA. Lily – Grace 4HB. Natalia 5AC. Eleanor 5SG. Isabella 6BF. Quinn 6ST.


Stars of the week

  •          Sam Box for working hard in all lessons, not being distracted by others.
  •          Lola-Rose Goode for really working hard in maths and understanding her column multiplication.


Reader of the week

  •          Connor for always reading well with Mrs Smith


Class News

Mass – Friday 21st January 2022

WOW ACTIVE – Tuesday 18th January, come in PE kits.

English – In English we have been reading a poem about a rollercoaster ride and performing it in an exciting way so the listeners find it more interesting. We have also started thinking about a poem we are going to write next week about a ride.

Maths – We are working on written multiplication, we have started using column method and remembering how to use grid method.

Topic –Scream Machine.

Science - We are using rollercoasters to investigate our science topic – Forces. We have looking at the different vocabulary involving forces that would be used during a roller-coaster ride.

Geography – Reminding ourselves of the 7 continents on a world map and also using an Atlas to pinpoint some of the popular Theme Parks around the world on our map.

RE – We have finished our Christmas Topic, looking at what happened when the Magi visited Mary and Joseph and what was happening with Herod.

We also did some role play understanding about our Virtues this term Active and Curious.


Class Book - The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Last week we found out what had happened to Hugo’s Dad and why he was living at the train station, also that his uncle had gone missing.

Hugo also had to do some work for the toy store owner to try to get his notebook back.