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COVID-19 Emotional Well-Being Support

Emotional Well-Being


We are all living through a totally unprecedented and extremely difficult time. It can sometimes feel like each day is bringing a new challenge for us to deal with. This will all be putting pressure on everyone’s emotional well-being. Feeling worried or anxious at this time is natural – it is a normal reaction to an abnormal situation. Giving yourself and your family time and space to take care of their emotional well-being is important.


We have brought together on this webpage a number of resources, documents, websites etc. which children, parents and families might find useful to access at this time.

Talking about Coronavirus

Some children will have lots of questions about Coronavirus, some may not be talking about it at all. Talking about Coronavirus with children, and especially trying to explain it, can be very challenging. The links below include advice on talking about the current context and also some specially written e-books which explain what is happening across the world at the moment:
Coping with Lockdown

Adjusting to the restrictions of the Lockdown has been challenging for everyone – especially children. The links below are to specially written stories for children which explain Lockdown in easy to understand terms:
Guidance and Support for Parents

As a parent your own emotional well-being is also very important, the document below contains advice aimed at supporting parents during this time:
Well – Being

Below is a link to a printable Well-Being pdf which contains mindfulness activities for children.
Useful websites

Below are some suggestions of websites we have found useful – they contain information, guidance, resources and practical suggestions for supporting emotional well-being: