Congratulations to our fantastic Readers of the Week: Esme RHK, Isla-Bleu RJC, Amiyah 1KG, Emilia H 1NH, Alanya 2JH, Ethan 2NT, Hugo 3CC, Jakub B 3LH, Marcus 4HA, Brooke 4HB, Sam 5AC, Izzy 5SG, Maisie 6BF, Nikola 6ST.

DT in action - Year 1

Year 1 - Moon Zoom

During the first half term, in our Art/DT lessons the children made their own space crafts. The children selected from a range of materials to decorate their rockets and used equipment safely and effectively.

The children bought in a selection of space related toys from home and in groups the children explored these toys and evaluated them, pointing out what were good aspects of the toys and what could be improved. See some examples of their evaluations below.