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Emergency School Closure Procedure

A decision to close school is only taken as a last resort and after conversations between the Headteacher, the Chair of Governors and the Caretaker. In reaching a decision many factors are considered, such as;

  • Heating availability and temperature inside school
  • Condition of water pipes in school and availability of running water
  • Condition of the immediate local roads
  • Ensuring the playground and paving around school can have secure, clear pathways to allow safe movement
  • Ability of adequate staff numbers to reach school.

Closing school is only a last resort!

If school is closed you will receive an emergency text message. (PLEASE ENSURE YOUR UP TO DATE NUMBERS ARE HELD BY THE SCHOOL OFFICE TO RECEIVE SUCH A MESSAGE).

The school website will be updated on the homepage.

Staffordshire County Councils website will be updated. You can view this at the following link -