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Year 6 Prayers

‘Prayer is the raising of one’s heart and mind to God.’

Prayer is the means by which we encounter God and develop a relationship with him.

Within school we pray in lots of different ways – We pray during assemblies, hymn practices and Holy Mass. We also pray during dedicated time during the course of each day, for example at the start and end of each day, and before and after lunch.

Often prayer can be spontaneous and on occasions it can simply be a time of silence when we open our hearts to God.

To support our children in developing their own prayer lives, each year group has a set of prayers which each child should know. When praying together at school teachers will often use these prayers with the children.

The year group prayers can also form part of your family prayer routine and we have shared them on our school website to help you with this.

By downloading a copy of your child’s year group prayers to pray with at home you can support them in developing prayer lives which will help sustain them on their own journey of faith.