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St Gabriel's Catholic Primary School


St Gabriel’s Catholic Primary School continues to be a good school.
Our report highlighted the following:
  • Leaders have created a supportive and nurturing environment in which pupils are well cared for and safe. This, together with teachers’ consistently high expectations, helps pupils to achieve well.

  • Pupils behave well in lessons and around school. They listen to one another and show respect.

  • Staff plan exciting and interesting activities. They expect pupils to work hard and do their best. Pupils say they are happy to be in school. They enjoy their lessons.

  • Leaders and teachers ensure pupils build on their existing knowledge so that they remember more.

  • Teachers plan activities so that they link to the topics pupils study.

  • Interesting and engaging activities help pupils remember their learning.

  • Children begin learning phonics as soon as they join the school. Staff follow a consistent approach to teaching phonics every day.

  • Teachers make sure that pupils who fall behind receive the help and support that they need to catch up quickly

  • Behaviour around school and in lessons is good. Pupils know right from wrong and understand why rules are important.

  • Leaders and staff teach pupils about gospel virtues. Pupils link these to their personal development. They know the importance of being truthful, compassionate and generous. Pupils’ spiritual development is very well promoted through assemblies and prayers.

  • Pupils learn about healthy lifestyles and know the importance of relaxing to promote mental health.

  • Teachers successfully adapt the curriculum for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

  • The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.

  • Leaders have ensured that there are robust procedures in place to keep pupils safe.

  • Parents value the care that staff provide.
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