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DT in action - Year 3

Year 3 Flow: 

In year 3, the children have been creating and building bridges.  

This has involved them: 

  • Creating a shell or frame structure using diagonal struts to strengthen.   
  • Taking part in a fun ‘Build a bridge’ challenge!   
  • Looking at a variety of bridge designs for ideas.   
  • Planning how they will build their bridge.   
  • Selecting a range of materials to create their bridge. 
  • Testing and evaluating the effectiveness of their bridges. 

The children have been working in groups to build a bridge and set challenges to guide the planning and building of their bridge. For example, it must span a one-metre width or be no higher than one metre. Here are some examples of their work below.

Year 3 Scrumdilliumptious:

Year 3 have explored the importance of a healthy varied diet. The have looked at different types of herbs; tasted and evaluated these and then developed their understanding of seasonality and how these ingredients are grown. Within this topic the children went on to design, plan, make and evaluate their own fruit smoothy. Here are some examples of their work during this topic."