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Geography at St Gabriel’s

“It is I who made the earth and created mankind upon it.” Isaiah 45:12

Here at St Gabriel’s, we are proud of our strong sense of community in our local area. As a school, our Geography curriculum aims to build on the excellent knowledge of our immediate location of Tamworth that is already developed both here and at home. Providing every child with the opportunity to extend their horizons far beyond our fantastic grounds is crucial in order for them to better understand the wider world that they will grow up in.

Together, we intend to enrich the curiosity and fascination that exists in every child by introducing them to a rich diversity of places, people and processes from around the globe. Progress within Geography will allow children to deepen their understanding of both the human and the physical processes that occur worldwide as well as their impact on our planet. In order to achieve this, the children will develop a bank of key geographical skills that allow them to access, interpret and use geographical information from a range of sources.

We will take our children on a journey across the world throughout their time here. Reception children will look at understanding the world through their immediate environments and the differences they notice.

Key Stage 1 will explore the seasons that affect where we live, alongside discovering major locations elsewhere around the globe using map.

In Key Stage 2, the learning recognises specific countries far and wide and what makes them similar or different to our own, combined with more unique locations or natural phenomena that exist on our planet.

Geography at St Gabriel’s is fun to learn! It provides key life skills for our children and strengthens their understanding of our complex world whilst showing them how they can help to make it a better place.