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Key Staff and Expertise

Key staff and expertise

We have a number of teaching assistants who are qualified to deliver the FFT (Fischer Family Trust) reading intervention; a member of staff who is trained to deliver 1st Class @ number numeracy intervention, two members of staff who is trained to teach Success at arithmetic, one member of staff trained to teach Better Reading Partners. The majority of teaching assistants are trained in delivering Precision Teaching sessions.  We also have a bilingual teaching assistant.  


Teachers and support staff attend training courses run by a range of outside agencies.

They include the following:

  • Child protection training Level 1 and 2.
  • Epi-Pen Training.
  • Asthma Awareness.
  • Speech and Language – ‘Talk: The Basics’ (Charlotte Freakly, Chatterbox Speech and Language Therapy).
  • Precision Teaching (Dr Vanessa Willis, Educational Psychologist).
  • Attachment Training.
  • Emotional Coaching and Support (Youth Emotional Support Services)
  • Autism Awareness Training Tier One (Teachers and LSAs) and Tier Two (selected staff).
  • Rainbows Bereavement Support

 External agencies

We work closely with a number of local services to help consider and select a range of evidence-based and effective teaching approaches, appropriate equipment, strategies and interventions in order to support the child’s progress. They include:


Educational Psychologist (EP)


Speech and Language Therapist

Staffordshire Special Educational Needs Support Service (SENSS)


MEAS (Multi-Ethnic Advisory Service)


Midland Psychology (after an accepted referral)


Paediatricians and Paediatric Specialist Nurse

Autism Outreach Team (after an accepted referral)

Child and adolescent mental health service – CAMHS

Occupational Therapist

Family Support Workers


Traveller Services (For pupils of the travelling community)