Congratulations to our fantastic Readers of the Week: Esme RHK, Isla-Bleu RJC, Amiyah 1KG, Emilia H 1NH, Alanya 2JH, Ethan 2NT, Hugo 3CC, Jakub B 3LH, Marcus 4HA, Brooke 4HB, Sam 5AC, Izzy 5SG, Maisie 6BF, Nikola 6ST.

Meet the Staff

Our staff are dedicated to ensuring that all children make the most of their potential and achieve in all aspects of their life at St Gabriel's school.
Senior Leadership Team
Mr J Hayes

Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Leader

Mr W Bright

Deputy Headteacher, English & Assessment Co-ordinator, Acting INCo & SENCo, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs S Taggart

Assistant Headteacher, Mathematics Co-ordinator, Creative Arts Co-ordinator, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Teaching Staff
Mrs J Coakley

Reception Teacher, Early Years Leader

Mrs H Keeling

Reception Teacher, Art Co-ordinator

Mrs A Dancey

Teacher, Music Co-ordinator

Mrs K Golby

Teacher, DT Co-ordinator

Miss K Gamon

Year 1 Teacher, SENCO Support, EAL Co-ordinator

Mrs N Hughes

Year 1 Teacher, English Co-ordinator, Reading Lead, Designated Teacher for LAC

Mrs J Hawker

Year 2 Teacher, Science Co-ordinator

Miss N Townsley

Year 2 Teacher, Religious Education Co-ordinator

Mrs K Harbord

Year 2 Teacher

Mrs L Holmes

Year 3 Teacher

Miss C Caswell

Year 3 Teacher

Mrs H Buckroyd

Year 4 Teacher

Miss H Allen

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs S Minton

Teacher, Modern Foreign Languages Co-ordinator

Mrs L Morgan


Miss A Cunningham

Year 5 Teacher, English Co-ordinator, Reading for Pleasure Lead

Mrs S Hunt-Squires

Year 5 Teacher

Mr B Fowler

Year 6 Teacher, Computing and PE Co-ordinator

Mrs S Taggart

Year 6 Teacher

Teaching Assistants
St Gabriel's school has a team of dedicated teaching assistants:
Miss B Bishop

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs J Brown

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs M Cox

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs A Devenney

Learning Support Assistant, Snr Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs M Dulson

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs J Drabble

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs D Ewings

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs V Gooch

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs J Hogg

Learning Support Assistant (EAL support)

Mrs E Hanrahan

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs L Rose-Summers

Learning Support Assistant

Miss E Shackles

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs S Smith

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs C White

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs E Wilson

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs J Wood

Learning Support Assistant

Support Staff
Other support staff assisting in the smooth and efficient running of our school;
Mrs S McKay

School Liaison & Support Officer, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs H Deegan

Administrative Officer

Mrs N Duff

Clerical Assistant/Finance

Mr R Petricca

School Caretaker

Mrs J Hill

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs S Meehan

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mr S Swatton

Bursar, Health and Safety Manager

Mr P James

ICT Network Systems Administrator (Teaching and Learning)

Mrs H Page

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mr L Birtwistle

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mr J Orme

School Janitor

Mrs P Hartree

Voluntary Reprographics Assistant