Congratulations to our fantastic Readers of the Week: Sebastian RHK, Olaf RJC, Loki 1KG, Natalia 1NH, Lauren 2JH, Theo 2NT, Elizabeth 3CC, Dollie 3LH, Adam 4HA. Lily – Grace 4HB. Natalia 5AC. Eleanor 5SG. Isabella 6BF. Quinn 6ST.

School Contacts

Mr J P Hayes


Please speak to Mrs Deegan or Mrs Duff in the school office if you have a query

School: 01827 213910

Mrs H Deegan

Administrative Officer

Mrs N Duff

Clerical Assistant/Finance

To contact our SEN Co-ordinator, Mr William Bright please phone the school office on: 01827 213910.
Mr W Bright

Acting INCo & SENCo, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

To contact our Chair of Governors or The Governing Body please use the following email addresses. 
Pre-School: 01827 250903
Mrs T Miller

Pre-School Manager