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Year 5 - Welcome

‘And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them’

(Luke 6:31).

In Year 5, we know we are maturing and want Jesus to influence and guide us. We reflect on God’s words throughout our week and ensure we try to live in the image and likeness of Him. Our Gospel Virtues help us in our actions and our work. They prepare us for our future and for being the best disciples we can be.

The children in Year 5 will be encouraged to lead and plan their own collective worships. They look for opportunities to ‘pray together, care for each other and learn together’ in school, at home and in our local community.

This year, we will strive to keep your child’s wellbeing in mind as we educate and nurture them. We will prepare them to enter their final year of primary school by giving them a varied, enjoyable curriculum that will cater for the different needs of our children. We will ensure there is plenty of room for each individual to make progress in their own right and to become self-reflective learners. It is about encouraging independence in preparation for bigger things to come.

Our Year 5 topics always prove popular with the children and this year they are: Stargazers, Pharaohs, Scream Machine, Time-Travellers, Off with her Head and Beast Creator.

In Year 5 we hope to provide a calm and academic year; a year to embed all of the knowledge learnt in lower Key Stage 2 and a year to begin preparation for transition to secondary school. Our children grow in maturity. They gain a greater independence and confidence from being given more responsibility in their learning.