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Please follow our school Twitter account - @GabrielsPrimary or click the icon below!
St Gabriel's Catholic Primary School

Vocation Week

22nd March – 25th March 2022

The children and staff of St. Gabriel’s celebrated a wonderful and inspiring week of vocation. We began the week together in an assembly thinking about the vocation of St Gabriel. The beautiful theme for our week focused on The Annunciation and Mary’s yes to God’s plan for her. Following this the children from Y1 all the way to Y6 had visits from Deacon Owen from the Birmingham Vocations Office, who delivered an inspiring workshop to Y6 and also visited each class with Sisters Miriam and Michala who talked about their own calling and taught us a song linked to vocation. Brother Edmar, Mrs McKay, Mrs Brown and the class teachers also discussed how God has called them in different ways to live out their special calling. Mrs Mckay brought the car ambulance to school and Mrs Brown brought in her pet therapy dog, Bodhi.

Over the week, we learnt that God calls each one of us, here and now, on our vocational journey and that there are three parts: the call to holiness, the call to a way of life and the call to work.

On Friday 25th March, the children of St. Gabriel’s came together to share all of their learning during a special prayer service.

As a special reminder of vocations week 2022, all of the children received a special vocations sticker from Deacon Owen to remind them of God’s special plan for us all.

It was very humbling to hear how much the children had learnt and enjoyed as well as having a much deeper understanding of the person God is calling them to be. Children have been able to come away from the vocation’s experiences with the opportunity to really evaluate their purpose in life and think about their own future.

The pupils of St. Gabriel’s are always encouraged to also consider their personal vocation right now, how they are serving God now, in their class, in their school, in their home and in their communities.

Please see the range of work and photographs from our wonderful week of Vocation.