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Governor Profiles

Mrs Theresa Miller

Foundation Governor & Co-Chair of Governors

Joined in 2010 (Appointed by the Diocese).

I am a mother of two sons both of which attended St. Gabriel’s Catholic Primary School. I manage the pre-school and afterschool club situated on the grounds of St. Gabriel’s

I am committed to catholic education with a strong belief in the choice offered through a catholic school, now and for future generations of children.

I feel privileged to have been a foundation governor for three years, and I am very impressed by the strong catholic ethos that the school embodies, the outstanding care shown to the children and the schools consistently high standards of education. I believe my work place skills support the Headteacher and staff of the school. Being actively involved as a governor has given me a greater understanding of other important roles in school life.

Mr Rob Vernon

LA Governor & Co-Chair of Governors

Joined in 2013 (Appointed by the Local Authority)

The main reason I became a Governor was, after many years being a part of the Friends of St Gabriel's and helping to raise funds for the school, to now put my business and personal skills to use in order to help make a positive impact to the running of the school.

I would like to actively contribute as a school Governor in order to maintain and improve the high standards we have at St Gabriels, helping our children thrive and be the best that they can be.

Fr Michael White

Foundation Governor

Joined in 2014 (Appointed by the Diocese).

Mrs Geraldine Bernstein

Foundation Governor

Joined in 2002 (Appointed by the Diocese).

Over my time as a Governor I have been a Parent and a Non-Teaching Staff Governor. The main reason I became a Governor was to support the children of the school by using my Human Resources experience.

I am committed to developing a broad and balanced curriculum for the children of St Gabriel's, in order to help maintain the high standards we set, as this helps children achieve their true potential.

Mrs Anne Goodeve

Foundation Governor

Joined in 2022 (Appointed by the Diocese).

As an ex Head Teacher, I understand the need for supportive and challenging governors. As a practising Catholic, I understand and endorse the importance of a Catholic education.

During my role of Head Teacher at a Catholic Primary School the Catholic life of the school improved, as did the relationship between the school and the church community. I understand the need for Foundation Governors to work in a supporting and questioning role.

Mrs Claire Buckley

Parent Governor

Joined in November 2022 (Appointed by the Parents).

As an ex-pupil, I have always had happy memories of my time at St Gabriel's. When it came time to pick a school for my daughter, I knew that the values and expectations of the school were what I wanted for her.

I ahve gained extensive experience of teaching, quality monitoring processes and Ofsted, working as a Safeguarding Lead and Quality Manager in Furthur Education for the last eight years. I currently work for an International Awarding Organization as a Quality Manager overseeing the quality of training and awarding of internationally regulated qualifications in the Middle East and parts of Africa.

As a Parent Govenor I can bring the skills and experience I have from my professional life into the school to support the brilliant work leaders and staff do every day.

I would like to develop a deeper understanding of the school and community my daughter is growing up in and be part of the Governance team working to make sure each and every child is safe, happy, inspired and supported to the best they can be.

Mr Paul Whitehouse

Parent Governor

Joined in November 2022 (Appointed by the Parents).

Our Children's time a primary school is precious and their development is so important, it is an honour to support them as a Parent Governor.

In my professional role as a Environmental, Health and Safety Director I have gained experience in several areas that I belive can be useful in the role of Parent Governor including, education and facilities management. My current role also requires me to have certain skills that I feel are transferable to the Parent Governor rolde such as, to ask questions, to challenge people's assumptions, interpret legislation and guidance and to help find innovative solutions in responce to constraints of rules and budgets.

Our children's happiness, education, health, safety and wellbeing are paramount to me. It is an honour to represent the Parents on the board of Governors at St Gabriel's.

Mrs Sarah Minton

Staff Governor

Joined in March 2024 (Appointed by the Staff).

I am incredibly honoured to represent the staff of St Gabriel’s on the Governing Board. I have worked here as a Key Stage 2 Teacher for over 11 years and am an active member of our local parish.

I have a long and happy association with St Gabriel’s as I attended here as child and the values I learnt during that time have guided me in my life and career.

I feel passionately about how important the Catholic faith is to education and children and will strive to ensure the best education and care for our children whilst supporting the development of our school so it continues to be the special and inspiring Catholic school it is.

Mr John Hayes

Governor in capacity of Headteacher

Joined in 2009

Mrs Lindsey Harper

Clerk to the Governors

Although this page is all about Governors, it is important to also mention the Clerk to Governors, who is in many ways the key person in a Governing Board.

The Clerk is not a Governor, but is employed by the school to support the Governing Board in a variety of ways. The clerk prepares the agenda for main Governing Board meetings, as well as for finance meetings, and staffing meetings.

The clerk will take detailed notes at each of these meetings, which will form the basis of published minutes. These minutes are one way that Ofsted judges the effectiveness of the Governors, so it is of utmost importance that minutes are comprehensive and accurate.

The clerk will also advise the Governors about a range of legal matters before and during meetings. The clerk also maintains the annual calendar of business, helping Governors to cover every aspect that is required throughout the year to meet legal and strategic requirements.

The Clerk has to have a very flexible approach to hours of work, as main governing body meetings are usually held in evenings as are most of the committee meetings.